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Soldering Can I solder coated or painted surfaces?

You’ll need to remove the coating or paint to reveal a metal surface to solder it. With sandpaper or a

metal brush, remove all dirt or rust from the surface you’re going to solder.

What metals can be joined by soldering? Copper, iron, stainless steel, tin, brass, etc.. Sometimes flux may be required.
Can I weld cast iron? Welding is impossible.
Can I solder titanium? Titanium cannot be soldered.
Can I solder aluminium? You cannot solder aluminium. A simple way of joining aluminium is brazing.
The tip of my soldering iron has become black, and solder doesn’t attach to it properly.

The black that appears on the tip is oxide film. To remove it, turn the iron off and wait for the iron to

completely cool down. Then, sand lightly with fine sandpaper. Put the pretinning on the tip to prevent

oxidation. If the symptom persists, use a Tip Refresher (goot BS-2) to restore wettability.

Is it best to use a higher wattage iron? You should choose the wattage of your iron according to the size of the item you want to solder.
When I turned the power on, white smoke came off the iron. Is that normal?

Some smoke will be produced during initial operation, but it will soon stop. This isn’t a fault, and

won’t happen the second time you use it. Please don’t worry.

Is it okay to use solder containing flux on sheet metal?

It’s difficult to solder sheet metal without using flux specifically designed for sheet metal. Also, if you

use flux, don’t forget to wash it off thoroughly afterwards.

Why does the tip of my soldering iron deform and get holes in it?

That’s because solder erodes the tip. Tips are consumable items and need to be replaced


Do you have long-life tips?

goot long-life tips are called ‘Red’ and ‘Black’ tips, and have an iron plating for extra long life. These

tips last up to 20 times longer than standard copper tips. Please check which irons are compatible

with these tips.

What is lead-free solder?

Lead-free solder is simply solder that does not contain lead. (Lead is a harmful substance which

is bad for your health and for the environment.) Lead-free solder has a higher melting point than

other solders, so please use an iron with higher wattage for lead-free soldering. The tip life may be

decreased when using lead-free solder.


BS series

How to use BS-10?

BS-10 is an activator paste used to make soldering easier. Apply some with a cotton swab etc. when

soldering. BS-10 is a weakly acidic paste. Cannot be used on PCBs.

Gas-Powered Soldering Iron

GP series

I have a GP-510 gas-powered soldering iron. Can I buy the carrying case only? The case is sold only with the GP-510SET. It is not sold alone. Sorry.

Hot Bond

HB series

What is the melting point of the hot sticks of the HB series?

The melting point of the HB-40S/100S/200S is 84°C. This is its softening point, too.
Can I use Hot Bond glue gun as temporary adhesion for acrylic plate, PET, or phenol sheet? It’s possible to bond them, but we recommend other adhesive to ensure stronger bonding strength.
Can I use the Hot Bond glue gun on the dashboard of the car? Possible, but we don’t recommend it. The bond may melt on a very hot day.
What are the ingredients of the hot stick for the Hot Bond? EVA based. (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and hydrocarbon-based resin)
Is the hot stick a carcinogenic substance? No, there is no carcinogenic risk.
How can I store the hot sticks?

The sticks should be stored in a dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight, at a temperature under


How to use the Hot Bond glue gun efficiently? A 10-second pause after every few trigger pulls will make for smooth operation.
Can I use the Hot Bond glue gun on synthetic leather? Yes, you can.
Can I replace only the nozzle of the Hot Bond?

You can replace the nozzle of the HB-80 only. We have nozzles HB-80N-B/SB/2D. Please refer to

product page.

What is Open time / Setting time when using the Hot Bond?

They are technical words for talking about adhesives. “Open time” means the time after adhesive

is applied during which a serviceable bond can be made. “Set time” is the time it takes to form an

acceptable bond when two or more substrates are combined with an adhesive.

Is the hot stick water-proof and light-resistant?

It is not water-proof. The stick is water-repellent and it doesn’t dissolve in water, but your bonded

area may separate if water penetrates. Color may change in reaction to ultraviolet light.

When using my Hot Bond, how can I push out the very short stick? Simply insert a new stick.

Hot Knife

HOT series, HE series

Do you sell a work table or a mat?

We don’t. Use high-heat-resistant materials; eg. wood. (Do not use metal plate. Work efficiency will

be interrupted by heat transmission.)

Can I cut acrylic plate with the hot knife? It’s possible, but thick plate may be difficult to cut.
I can’t handle the hot knife HOT-30R/60R well. Do not push it. Cut as object melts.
I can’t cut polyester with the hot knife HOT-30R.

The melting point of polyester is 260°C. The HOT-30R is not hot enough. We recommend our hot

slicer HE-110.

Can I buy the blade only for HOT-30R/60R?

We don’t sell the blade alone, sorry. Please change the whole tip part, including the blade. (HOT-


Sheet-Metal Soldering Iron

HP series

Can I solder copper pipe with the sheet-metal soldering iron HP-200/300? Yes, you can. Find flux specifically designed for sheet metal.

Nichrome Soldering Iron

KS/KX series

I tried to change the tip, but it’s stuck. The tip may be seized. Replace the heater and the tip.

I can’t solder copper plate (0.5) and copper wire (dia.0.2) with the KS-60R.

Use an iron with a higher heat load. It’s better to use a flux specifically designed for sheet metal use.

N2 Station


How can I measure the nitrogen generation density-level? A special nitrogen gas concentration measuring device is required.

Power Controller

PC series

Can I use the Power Controller with LED lightings? No, the PC series is not compatible with LED lightings.
Can I use the Power Controller with a silicon rubber heater?

No, it cannot be used with a heater which has a large rush current. Please check the heater

specifications carefully.

Please let me know the fuse specifications for PC-11/31. Glass Tube Fuse 250V 3A
Can I connect to an octopus adapter or a multiple outlet extension plug? No problem if it is smaller power than the rated power. However, we don’t recommend it.

Solder Pot

POT series

How to replace the bath? Please refer to the instructions.
How to solder? Apply flux to the area to be soldered. Then, dip the PCB into the solder pot using PCB-1 etc..
When should I replace the bath?

When used daily at temperatures between 400-500°C(752-932°F), approx. 2-3 months with Sn-Pb

eutectic solder, and approx. 0.5-1 months with Sn-Ag-Cu lead-free solder.

Temperature-Controlled Soldering Iron

PX series

What temperature is best? We recommend between 340-360°C, but it depends on your work purpose.

Temperature-Controlled Soldering Station

RX series

Is there any soldering iron which can be set under 250°C?

RX-802AS/852AS/822AS are available. (The sleep temperature must be set at 0°C.)

What is your fastest-heating soldering iron? Our RX-802AS reaches set temperature in just 6 seconds after turning the power on.
Can I still purchase the tips for RX-760AS/932AS? The units have been discontinued, but we still sell tips for them. (RX-93HRT series)
Which soldering iron is suitable for pins at 1mm intervals? We recommend the RX-802AS with an SB tip.


SE/SF series

What is the melting point of the solders?

Pb-containing solders are approx. 183°C. Lead-free solders are approx. 217°C. For details, please

refer to our catalogue.

Why is there rosin-core solder and non-rosin core solder? Can I use rosin-core solder for brass


Rosin-core solder may not have enough cleaning capability. Use non-rosin core solder and the flux.

Soldering Iron Stand, Magnifier

ST series

Can I put my ST-40 in my ST-11 base? Yes. Just push it in hard.
Can I buy another lens for my ST-93? Yes. We sell the lens with its frame (ST92LENSASSY).

Maintenance Tool Sets

TL series

The file of my TL-20 was damaged. Can I buy the file only? We don’t sell the file alone, sorry. Please find a similar product.

Desoldering Tool

TP series

Can you repair the portable desoldering gun TP-100/100AS? Yes we generally can. Please contact your distributor.
Do you sell the grip for the portable desoldering gun TP-100AS? We recommend that you send it in for repair, but we can sell the grip as a replacement part.
Can I attach the soldering iron to the desoldering station TP-200? No, you can’t. There is no compatible iron.

Quick-Heat Soldering Iron

TQ series

I can’t detach the tip from the heater of the TQ-77/95. How can I take it out? The tip and the heater may be seized. If you can’t get it out, you must replace the heater too.

Rework Station

XFC series

There is some difference between my setting temperature and the actual temperature at the nozzle.

Can I recalibrate?

Yes, you can recalibrate the temperature using the offset function. For details, please refer to the


Super Cutters

YN series

Do you have any cutters which cut better than the YN-25AS? Or have a sharper blade? Yes. Try our YN-27AS.


TM series

Can I measure the leak voltage of the soldering iron with a 2-prong cord?

Generally you cannot, but you can measure it by connecting the earth line to the metal part of the

heater pipe and/or nut. This is not guaranteed, however.